Ready to save on super fees?

We show you how.

We look at your super, compare all the funds and show you how much you could save by switching.

It’s that simple.

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Ready to save on super fees?

Now you can.

Not a fund. Not a bank. Just unbiased insights and advice from people who know super and care about your future. We look at your super, run the numbers and show you how much you could save. It’s that simple.

How much can I save?
How much can I save?

Your Impact

Switching your super to a lower cost fund could save you thousands.
What’s better than that? How about helping out a sister at the same time?
Every time someone makes the switch using our Super Concierge Service and pays our change fee, we donate 100 do-good dollars to women in need.





Your digital super savings report is 100% free.

Detailed insights and personalised advice. See how much you have in super, how much you’re on track to retire with, and how you can save on fees.

We share the facts. So you can make the choice.

Privately owned by a woman who cares, we’re independent and don’t get paid to recommend products. Our analysis is quantitative and our insights unbiased.

Our Super Concierge Service lets you get back to life.

Wanna hand over the icky admin to us? We’d love to help. Have less, pay less. From $0 to $1,995 it’s based on your super situation. You can also choose to pay from super.

Sounds good, right?

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Grab a glass of wine – or pop the kettle on – and let’s get this done. You’ll need your myGov info or access to your super statements. It will only take a few minutes and we’ll talk you through every step.

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Profit for purpose. That’s Super Fierce. Every time someone makes a change using our Super Concierge Service we donate $100 to fund social impact initiatives that support Aussie women in need. We do this via our sister company, Fierce Impact, which is a not for profit business. It’s Fierce Impact’s job to make sure every dollar makes a difference. Our goal is $100 million of fierce love and hugs.


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Superannuation funds love promoting how they are different, better than the others, and how they’re planning to outperform the market. With shiny ads following you wherever you go, and all manner of temptations to lure you in, you can be excused for thinking they might have one up on their competitors... but do they? It’s your money, so let’s get under the bonnet and check it out.

Super tax on ‘stay at home’ mums

Caring for kids means less time earning, career impacts and less money in superannuation. In fact, being a 'stay at home' mum comes with a whopping one-million-dollar price tag. Yep, it's the definition of a labour of love.

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